We are an independent art agency promoting artists to the business community. Supporting artists through our purpose built website, weekly database marketing, daily digital advertising, direct mail campaigns, regular exhibitions and network meetings.

We offer our customers several ways to buy your artwork - outright purchase, lease or rental, designed not only to allow them to enjoy their art for the lowest possible monetary outlay, but also to encourage them to purchase multiple pieces.

As an artist myself, I too have shared the frustration and difficulty in finding the time, effort and funds to promote my own portfolio - the painting itself is all consuming! I have tried so called 'online galleries', paid my annual subscription (along with hundreds of other artists) only to discover there is little or no marketing with only the gallery making money!

Office Art MK does not charge a penny to the artist - we understand the challenges most artists face. We  take your art, frame it (at no cost to you), market it, and when we sell it we pay you directly.

We are always looking to invite new artists to become part of our 'family' , if  you would like to find out more please give us a call TODAY.

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